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consequentiae is now finalitie
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by the way ;

My placing Pride on a hiatus and closing Consequence stating I will not give explanations? Did not mean seek out my personal and my roleplay help blog to send anon messages inquiring about as much.  When I said I will not explain not only will I not explain? I do not have the right at this time, possibly ever, to explain.

On a similar note? Please do not message any of my roleplay partners about the situation either — it is not fair to them or myself given I do not want explain it and I imagine they don’t either.

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closed ;

Due to circumstances I cannot discuss, Consequence will be closed. I am not deleting, but I will no longer be writing this character. Unfollow if you would like. The likelihood the same will be done with Pride is indeed a possibility. Please do not inquire about this in my ask or on Skype — I will not be revealing any details.

My apologies to my writing partners, but I just do not think I can continue with this muse.

semi-hiatus ;

I will be putting both of my muses on a semi-hiatus, could be more depending on how things end up panning out for me right now. I will roleplay with a select few during this semi-hiatus, so it will not be complete inactivity. It’s nothing I can speak of yet in terms of some personal issues right now, predominately with my living situation, so the future status of these blogs is in-decision upon sorting said issues out.

I don’t know if men like us ever find peace, Mr. Bolan. In this world or the next. But I hope so. I really do.

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